New Technology in Ice Making Debut Today!

IceMakers - New Technology  Debut Today!

Tired of your ice maker breaking, getting stuck, not having enough ice cubes, and worst of all no ability to have control over the type of ice cubes being produced?

Fear not – scientists have finally met your needs.

Announcing the Ice Cube Tray!!

Never fear that you will not have ice cubes – fill them up the night before and the next morning there are as many as you need.  No mess – no fuss – always reliable.  No need to worry about your ice maker breaking down now!

This miracle marvel of modern technology is a must-have for any kitchen and for all those serious about their beverages.  With just a simple twist of your wrists, you have the ice cubes you need.

When having a party have you not always wanted to have shaped ice cubes to follow your theme?  Now all that is possible with different shapes available for your ice cubes.  In a crunch and forgot to purchase your ideal shape then use shaped cupcake pans or candy shapes and cookie cutters if they are leak-free, all of this works great.  Think how everyone will appreciate your efforts and love the effect.

Why have ice cubes added water to your beverages when now you can use these trays to freeze liquids that add to your beverage not water it down?  You can use these trays to save small amounts of leftover liquids rather than waste them. Please visit our friends at for more great ideas and recipes!

So now that you are aware of this spectacular new technology do not be the last one to have one or dozens for your future needs. You will not be sorry!