The Butchers Need For Refrigeration

The Butchers Guide to Proper Storage of Meat

About Acre Station Meat Farm

From 1977 to the present, the Huettmann family maintains their commitment to their customers
Ernest and Nancy Huettmann founded the Meat Farm. Ernest Huettmann was a native of Germany, where he learned the butcher trade at the young age of 16. At the age of 19, Ernest came to America looking for work, and because of his knowledge and ambitious work ethic, he had no problem finding a job. When he met our mother, Nancy, they married and settled in New Jersey to raise a family. Our father was told of an old dairy farm in North Carolina. He purchased the farm, and through determination, hard work, and what he called “German ingenuity”, Acre Station Meat Farm was born. We carry on the dedicated tradition of our father and mother in their commitment to their customers. The Huettmann family’s commitment to “Fresh Cuts, Friendly Service” is as true today as it was in 1977. Customer satisfaction is top priority for ALL Meat Farm staff. A loyal customer is our most valuable asset! We value the opportunity to provide you with choice meats and fresh frozen vegetables.

The Butcher and Refrigeration

At Acre Station Meat Farm we pride ourselves on providing our customers with top of the line quality meats at great prices. Freshness of our product is very important to us, and we understand the need to have quality refrigeration for all of our product. Maintaining the appropriate temperature in a walk in cooler or cold room is critical for butchers. The importance of controlling the temperature for meat storage and display in butcher shops of all sizes cannot be underestimated. The health of the consumers and the quality of the meat being sold are all dependent on the ability to keep the meat at an appropriate and safe temperature. It is not only cold rooms and meat chillers that have been the subject of temperature control innovation. Display units are another area where meat is stored and appropriate refrigeration is crucial. For the safety of our customers and compliance to health regulations, refrigeration is one area where corners should not be cut!

We both value each other!

Acre Station Meat Farm would like to thank Matt White of for providing us with all of our refrigeration needs, from walk-in coolers, refrigerated display cases, glass door coolers and efficient serving of all our refrigeration and freezers needs  If you don’t see what you need or would like a quote you can reach Matt at 252-661-2700.

Whiteswarehouse appreciates the business and the relationship that we have formed doing business together.  As well we buy our meat from Acre Station Meat Farm.  They are your best choice for the best cuts of meat in Eastern North Carolina!

About Acre Station Meat Farm

Acre Station Meat Farm is located in Eastern North Carolina and offers retail fresh meats and grocery products. Specializing in fresh pork, beef, fresh and smoked sausage, seasoning meats, fresh frozen vegetables, specialty sauces, and marinades. Your Traditional Butcher Shop will cut to order. Visit our online store and we will ship to your door.

Shop for your meat products on our online store. For special orders or for an item that you do not see on our online store, please call our toll-free number 1-866-462-2763 or email us at