Why We Love Cracked Ice (And You Should, Too!)

Cracked Ice Machine

Why We Love Cracked Ice (And You Should, Too!)

So why do we love cracked ice?

Ice is ice, right? Not really.
Are you looking for a quality machine that can produce a mass amount of ice daily? Do you need to pack produce, poultry, fish or other meat? Arctic temp ice machines are leading the industry for large amounts of cracked ice production. Contact us today for a quote!

Why We Love Cracked Ice by Arctic Temp:

The cracked ice produced by Arctic-Temp® industrial ice machines provides a more cold-producing surface and delivers immediate cooling that lasts longer. These properties, along with the simplicity of our machines, make Arctic-Temp the number one choice for a wide range of industries, particularly those associated with produce, poultry, and seafood.
produces hard cracked ice ideal for seafood, poultry, vegetable processing, and many more applications.

  • Perfect for produce
    Arctic-Temp ice machines keep producing colder longer, helping preserve the “fresh” in fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Perfect for poultry
    Buy an Arctic-Temp ice machine and you may be spoiled, but your poultry won't be! Our cracked ice melts slower than flaked ice, helping products like poultry stay cooler longer. That's especially important during the hot summer months.
  • Perfect for Seafood packing
    If you're fishing for the ideal ice machine for seafood, Arctic-Temp is the one. Slower melting than flaked ice, the cracked ice from an Arctic-Temp machine helps keep fish fresh longer (try saying that ten times!).

Making ice in a commercial ice machine needs to be more efficient than the household method. Ice machines can produce from 2,000 lbs. to 20,000 lbs. of ice per day. In order to produce that much ice, these machines are a bit more advanced but still simple enough to easily maintain.
In the Arctic-Temp Ice Maker, ice is produced on vertically suspended, double-walled cylindrical evaporators. This process utilizes 100% of the evaporator surface and provides fast production with maximum efficiency of heat exchange.
Chilled water is continually recirculated over the inner and outer surface of the evaporator while ice-making water is recirculated by a pump from the stainless steel sump. Water flows onto the inner and outer evaporator surface by simple tubed water distributors.
The freezing period is determined by a repeating cycle timer. When the ice has reached its desired thickness, hot gas from the compressor is introduced into the annular space, breaking the ice bond from the evaporator surface, and releasing the concentric circles of ice into the ice breaker/crusher assembly.
The rotation of the ice breaker delivers the ice across the grid and discharges it into the storage bin or bunker.
Contact us today for your large ice needs. We can also quote you on a walk in cooler for your storage needs. Visit our site, and speak with our virtual assistant or call us directly at  252-661-2700.