Nugget Ice Vs. Traditional Ice Makers, Which One Is Best?


Chances are you don’t spend much time thinking about the shape of your ice cubes, but surprisingly, your customers might have some very strong opinions on the subject. Two of the most popular styles of ice cubes, are nugget ice, and crescent ice cubes. These are clear favorites among business owners who feel strongly about the type of cube cooling their beverage. What does this mean for you, the restaurateur or store proprietor? Read on and see what your best bet is when selecting an ice maker.

Crescent Ice

Those who love traditional ice cubes in the crescent shape that is most commonly produced by commercial ice makers enjoy its rock-hard, smooth properties and resistance to melting. After all, nobody enjoys a watered-down soft drink! On the plus side, since crescent-shaped ice cubes are so durable and melt less readily than their nugget counterparts, they will also be less prone to melting or crushing in the ice bin, which can mean greater energy savings for you, since the ice maker won’t have to produce as often to keep the bin full. On the downside, crescent-shaped ice cubes are rather large and take up a lot of valuable space in a glass, meaning that your wait staff will have to refill patrons’ drinks more frequently.

Nugget Ice

Fans of nugget-shaped ice cubes, like the ice at Sonic fast food restaurant that has developed its own cult following, enjoy the ability to crunch their cubes as they enjoy their beverage. Nugget-shaped ice cubes are definitely softer than traditional crescent cubes, which can make for delightful ice-munching, but can also unfortunately lead to faster melt time and a tendency to become crushed under the weight of other cubes. One distinct advantage of nugget-shaped ice cubes is the relatively small amount of space they take up in a glass, allowing for more liquid capacity, which leads to fewer refills.

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