Why It’s Important To Invest In Energy Star Refrigeration


We are all accountable to Mother Nature and taking care of our environment. It’s important that we start acting like it and take a look at the ENERGY STAR refrigeration products. More so, governments around the world soon will be instituting laws that demand all of our household appliances and commercial food service equipment be energy efficient.

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So besides the obvious why should you invest in Energy Efficient products? Don’t you want to save money and make money as well?
Energy-efficient equipment for commercial or residential use will reduce energy costs, not to mention reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Purchasing an ENERGY efficient refrigerator saves you money because they use less energy to achieve performance that is equal to or better than that of conventional alternatives. From an environmental perspective, improving energy efficiency reduces air emissions that contribute to smog and climate change. From an economic perspective, improving energy efficiency reduces operating costs and often results in quick payback and increased profits for you the owner.

Why we sell Hoshizaki Energy Efficient Refrigeration:

Hoshizaki America, Inc. is honored to receive the Sustained Excellence Award for 2016. This award is reserved for ENERGY STAR partners demonstrating outstanding leadership year over year. Our significant accomplishments over multiple years validate how energy efficiency can benefit consumers while protecting our environment.

This award is dedicated to every staff member and supporter of Hoshizaki! Our performance is crystal clear:

  • We rank the highest in efficiency of reported product categories.
  • Energy conservation is practiced in our facilities and supply chain through effective waste management and recycling programs.
  • Many of you “took the pledge” to support ENERGY efficient product in your home environment.
  • Community focused we partner with organizations which care for people and our world!

In closing.... Most states offer tax breaks or rebates when you purchase Hoshizaki ENERGY Star qualified equipment. Please check with your resident tax expert for more information on rebates or tax incentives.  Buying a refrigeration should not be a hassle!  Contact the Specialists at White’s Refrigeration today by calling 252 661 2700.