Why We Sell Arctic-Temp® Machines

9 Great Reasons to Choose Arctic-Temp®

All ice machines aren’t created equal, so why should you choose Arctic-Temp® over the others? Here are nine reasons why you should select an Arctic-Temp® industrial ice machine:

  1. The Best Value—Our machines are efficient, economical, reliable, and uncomplicated. They are made from the highest quality material and components, including top-of-the-line Copeland compressors. Arctic-Temp® machines are built for years and years of trouble-free operation.
  2. Realistically Rated—Our machines operate in Southern latitudes and are realistically rated for maximum performance during the scorching summer months when demand is greatest. When you review our conservative ratings, you can be sure our machines will produce their advertised capacity.
  3. Service and Maintenance—Arctic-Temp’s® simple design eliminates the big (and expensive) problems you get with more complicated machinery. Components are easily accessible for service and routine maintenance.
  4. Double Surface Freezing, Concave Shape—Evaporators are constructed of T-304 Stainless Steel using a vertical tube which allows ice to form on both the inside and outside of the vertical tube for maximum efficiency and fast production recovery. Concave shape provides more cold-producing surfaces and delivers immediate cooling that lasts longer.
  5. Standard Parts—Most major components (except the evaporator) are available at local refrigeration wholesalers. Our machines take standard parts that are stocked nationwide by wholesalers, so you’re not restricted to using factory replacement parts after the warranty has expired.
  6. No Moving Parts in the Freezing Zone—No augers, gears, motors, or seals mean fewer problems and failures.
  7. Simple Control Circuit—Arctic-Temp® utilizes one simple mechanical control to govern the freezing harvest operation. There are no complicated circuit boards or costly solid-state devices that require high-tech/high-priced diagnostic equipment and repairs.
  8. Energy Efficient/Water Efficient—Our machines use re-circulated water, which saves you money on water costs. They also use less electricity than other models at the same capacity.
  9. Thoroughly Pre-Tested—We test each machine prior to shipping, to assure it’s working properly in every respect and producing its rated capacity before it goes in the crate.

More About Our Arctic-Temp® Industrial Ice Machines

Producing ice with an industrial ice machine must be accomplished with much greater efficiency than you would in a normal household setting. We manufacture machines that are able to make from 2,500 pounds to 20,000 pounds of ice each day. To be able to make this volume of ice, the machines need to use advanced techniques, but be manufactured in the simplest fashion possible, in order to make maintenance relatively easy.

Our ice machines make ice on evaporators that are vertically suspended, cylindrical, and double-walled. Our process uses all of the surfaces of the evaporator and makes ice quickly and very efficiently.

Chilled water is constantly recirculated over the outer and inner evaporator surfaces, while the water ice is made with is also recirculated from the sump (made from stainless steel) by a pump. Water flows on the outer and inner evaporator surfaces via tubed water distribution. The freezing time is set via a cycle timer that is repeated.