Walk in Coolers and Freezers, Refrigerated buildings, Modular structure, Blast Chillers oh my!

Walk in Coolers

Do you need a walk-in cooler for your business? Whiteswarehouse specialist in providing commercial fish storage to a wide range of businesses in the fish industry. Our temperature-controlled storage solutions are the ideal units for the cold storage of fish, coming in a range of sizes and specifications depending on your requirements. We understand that the sooner the fish is stored, the fresher your end product will be. Our commercial fish storage units make fish freezing easy.

Refrigerated Buildings and Blast Freezers

Our blast freezers and fish refrigerators come in a wide range of sizes and capacities storing various volumes of products to meet your exact commercial fish storage needs. As you know, fish products have a very short timescale in which they can be consumed after catching, therefore it's of paramount importance to store your fish as quickly as possible, preserving freshness for longer.