Choosing the right Walk In Cooler


A walk in cooler or freezer to store all of your perishable foods for your business is a large expense.  You want to make sure that you are making informed decision. The location of your cooler indoors or outdoors is a very important decision.  Installing a unit that does not meet your needs can be a costly mistake.   Once the walk-in cooler or freezer is installed it will be a large hassle and a waste of money if you change your location. Here are some considerations to take into account.


A few things to consider or ask when purchasing an indoor walk-in refrigeration unit:

  • Do I have enough space?  Most indoor walk-in coolers require 6-10 inches of air space above the unit and 2-5 inches on each side.  It is best to talk to an expert about this.
  • Budget
  • Do you need to access your food quickly and easily?
  • Will my floor be able to handle the unit or do I have to reinforce the floor?
  • Indoor units create a lot of heat.  Is this ok for my business?  Am I prepared to have my cooling cost increase in the summer?
  • Condensing unit location.
  • If you are in a restaurant or a consumer-based service, then you will want to consider a remote condenser.  Again, it is best to talk to a professional about your needs!

These are just a few things to consider before deciding on an indoor unit.

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  • Cost! Generally, outdoor walk-in refrigeration costs more than indoor one.
  • Easy access to food deliveries.
  • Preserve space inside of your building.
  • Requires level ground or concrete slab.  Your installation expert should be able to help you determine this.
  • The location of the condenser will be outside, therefore hot air will be emitted outside.
  • Check building codes before purchasing!
  • Uses more energy.

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How much cold storage will you need and how much room do you have to install a walk-in cooler or freezer? We work with Bally Refrigerated boxes because the simplicity of design assures ease of assembly, and allows for future Walk-In refrigeration expansion or relocation.


In some situations, steel support is needed to suit local site conditions, construction regulations, and/or wind, seismic, and snow loading
• Ceilings: Suspended, and Self-supporting
• External steel shed structures
• Lateral steel bracing, and proper steel support


All outdoor Walk-Ins must have a roof.
• Membrane roofs, with gutters and downspouts
• Pre-engineered Panel roofs
• Built-up type roofs roofs

Whites Refrigeration can provide design recommendations for many kinds of floor construction. We typically recommend:
• Bally floor panels on a concrete pad
• On-site fabricated built-in insulated floors


Hinged Entrance Doors:
• Various sizes to suit any installation
• Available panic hardware
• Anti-condensate heaters

Industrial Cold Storage Doors:
• Manual or power operation
• Single or double horizontal slide
• Vertical rise
• Sectional overhead
• Infitting


• Stucco-embossed Galvalume steel
• Stucco-embossed Aluminum
• Stucco-embossed Stainless steel
• Stucco-embossed White galvanized steel
• Stucco-embossed Sand-tan galvanized steel
• Smooth White galvanized steel
• Stainless steel
• Smooth White aluminum
• Galvanized steel
• Custom metal, color, & coatings


• Observation Windows
• Deadbolt Locks or Lockingbars
• Digital Thermometers & Alarms
• Dock: Seals, Shelters, Lights, and Levelers
• Partition Wall Panels
• Ante-rooms, loading docks,

We will work with you to design your Walk-In Cooler or Freezer to meet your specific needs. Standard panel sizes and packaged refrigeration systems are offered as part of our Standard Walk-In Cooler and Freezer Quick Ship program, while custom sizes and offerings allow you to create any Walk-In Cooler or Freezer you desire.

We look forward to helping you decide and build your walk-in refrigeration!